Entry #3

Daily 3RD Place!!!!!

2013-12-23 05:48:44 by jaykaylives

I uploded an old, alright animation and found myself (Or my project) coming in at daily 3rd place!! i'm pretty excited about that and im excited to start making my own dragon ball z parody!! i know, i know, theres already hundreds but i thought id give it a go and if you see this page and think you can do a good goku, or freeza please pm me as soon as possible because id like to get this project underway. :)


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2013-12-23 06:01:34

Funny cartoon man :)
Congrats! :))

jaykaylives responds:

Thanks man :DDDD


2013-12-23 07:06:45

Deserved! Congrats!

jaykaylives responds:

thank you!!!!


2013-12-23 07:41:04

Congrats! ;))

jaykaylives responds:



2013-12-23 08:15:08

The best feeling!

Congratulations, be proud and good luck on your next project!

jaykaylives responds:

Thank you :DDD you too :)