Daily 3RD Place!!!!!

2013-12-23 05:48:44 by jaykaylives

I uploded an old, alright animation and found myself (Or my project) coming in at daily 3rd place!! i'm pretty excited about that and im excited to start making my own dragon ball z parody!! i know, i know, theres already hundreds but i thought id give it a go and if you see this page and think you can do a good goku, or freeza please pm me as soon as possible because id like to get this project underway. :)

just dooin stuff

2013-10-24 07:44:35 by jaykaylives

Hey for all yous that dont know me im a 14 year old australian animator that has been practising for a while :)

it didnt take me long but i finished an animation and im ready to upload, i just need to smooth the audio.

another topic is my new upcoming animation of batman, if i could i would ask if any highly talented voice actors with a various range of derpy or serious voices could contact me and please help. this is going to be a comedy and i may pay a little bit but i am pretty poor as i am jobless and it also helps that im 14. although i am not willing to pay for voice actors that charge over $50-100 so i am really just looking for free voice actors but really it depends on how much i can get.

i'd also like someone that edits audio as i am terrible at it and i'd like this animation to be amazing!!!! so please if any of this intrigues you please contact me as i would like to make a team, and even if u are a fellow animator i would even love for u to help out so plllleeeaaassseee contact me.

looking for free voice actors

2013-09-01 00:05:08 by jaykaylives

Hello people of new grounds, I am new to NG and have my first video to upload......
Unfortunately theres no sound.

So I am looking for voice actors experienced or not to help a newbie out. I am only 14 and wish to be a graphic designer/animator when I'm older. Also I'm moderately skilled in computing languages such as C++ C# and HTML so if you've stumbled upon this post and want to collaborate with me on a project, I'm open to suggestion.

My first solo project is about fruit violently blowing themselves up. I look at it from a humorous perspective and would love you to as-well. I don't mean to offend anyone with my ideas although they are a tiny bit racist at times.

but Back to the main point of the voice acting. I am looking for someone that can do a high pitched call to allah, and generally has great skill at acting accents. Also an explosion audio file would be nice and depending on the amount of money made in this project, i will go 30/70 with you being the 30 and so on.... that may not be the case tho i may be generous and go 50/50.

cheers, jaykaylives